Some Resources
(i.e., things I have found helpful)

Applying to PhD programs:

PhD in OB vs. Psych:

I highly recommend checking out the Business PhD Wiki, which contains several resources, like examples of personal statements and CVs:

If you're from an underrepresented background and wanting to learn more about business academia, consider the Introduction to Diversity in Doctoral Education and Scholarship (IDDEAS) Program, which is a fully-funded, two-day program that introduces undergraduates to the field of business academia. Applications open up each November!

Sustainably navigating academia:

Prof. Jess Calarco's book: A Field Guide to Grad School: Uncovering the Hidden Curriculum.

Science's Letters to Young Scientists series:

Prof. Zeke Hernandez's article on work/life balance as an academic:

If you're from an underrepresented background, I've only ever heard glowing reviews about the PhD Project!