Thank you for your interest in my work! I am fascinated by how workers' identities interact with the idiosyncrasies of the work/organizational context, with a focus on organizational norms, role expectations, and coworker relationships.

For instance, I have studied how employees of color face dilemmas around whether to express their racial identity at work given the risks and benefits; how many workers segment their personal and professional worlds, but are then blindsided by boundary-blurring situations like friend requests on social media; and how employees may question their professional identity when their working environment undergoes cultural and normative changes.

My aim with this research is to uncover how employers and employees can co-create workplaces that resource instead of deplete workers. I use both qualitative and quantitative methods—including interviews, observations, surveys, and experiments—to investigate my research questions.

I have partnered with various organizations to conduct this research. If you're similarly invested in helping employees feel humanized and valued in the workplace, I would love to speak with you.