Thank you for your interest in my work! My research generally focuses on when and why workers experience a sense of conflict around their identities, especially with the notion of who they are "supposed" to be at work, and what they do about it. For instance, many employees face dilemmas around expressing their racial identity at work. Others may prefer to separate their personal and professional worlds, but don't know what to do if a coworker sends a friend request on social media or if they run into their coworker outside of work. Still others may begin to question their professional identity when their organization undergoes cultural and normative changes. I am fascinated by the catalysts, courses, and consequences of such identity tensions.

I use both qualitative and quantitative methods—including interviews, observations, surveys, and experiments—to investigate my research questions. I have also partnered with various organizations to conduct this research. If you're also interested in creating humanizing, inclusive workplaces where people can bring their best selves to work, I would love to speak with you.